Construction Management 
We provide service specifically for the Common Interest Developments.  We take a global view of the communities needs and provide the knowledge, understanding and financial review necessary for the Board of Directors and Property Managers to make informed decisions.

We take the Association from the beginning stages of project development thru site inspections, specifications, bidding process, homeowner approval process, funding process, contract award and construction over-site.  We also analysis the energy profile for the Association and introduce energy savings measures to reduce operating costs.

Construction management is divided into two phases, "Project Development" and "Construction Over-site".  Each phase must be approved independently in order to advance to the next phase.  If a special assessment is necessary for your Association we will guide the Board and educate the membership through "workshops" inorder to gain approval through this difficult process.
Signature Services
  • Full project development including design and consulting
  • Complete site inventory and evaluation
  • Work with architects, engineers and contractors
  • Prepare project specifications and solicit bids
  • Value engineering and budget finalization
  • Review reserve studies for proper 30 year planning
  • Educate members through assessment process

  • Funding procurement and documentation.
  • Contract preparation and negotiations.
  • AIA documentation program for contracts, change orders and payments.
  • Inspections of work and quality control.
  • Obtainment of lien releases and warranties.
  • Project closeout documentation.
  • Construction accounting and assessment accounting.